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The passion of food starts with the overwhelming taste of delicious entrees. After coming to US, I found that there are a quite a few places that serve great vegetarian food. I want to share my good experiences at these great places.

Counter, Reston VA:
Ratings : 8/10
          In my ratings, this has scored some high points. This is located in Reston Town center. The Town center has a lot of high-end eateries. Counter makes custom made burgers. I have tried with all the possible veggie toppings (never try the roasted onions). It is wonderful and the experience of choosing our own burger with the various options available ensures we set the expectations for our taste buds before our order arrives!
Even the fries and onion rings have great taste. Parmesan fries is unique and awesome!!

Thai Tada, Herndon VA:
Ratings : 7/10
          My husband took me out on a date to this restaurant in Herndon. This place is large and decor is contemporary. The customer service is very good, and you can usually find the owners during business hours. We tried Panang tofu, Drunken noodles and Eggplant with basil. Even the Veg. Spring roll was perfect. The spice level is high, so we have to be careful while mentioning it.

China king, Sterling VA: 
Ratings : 7.5/10
              Being a vegetarian, it is really difficult for me to enjoy the Chinese food (I some how could smell the flavors of meat in vegetarian dishes in many restaurants). But when we tried the food from China King, I finally had a chance to relish good Chinese food. I have tried String bean szechuan style, Kung Pao tofu and curry vegetables. This is a fast and good priced place. I can suggest this place for take-out only (The customer service might need some help).

Noodles and Company,Sterling VA:
Ratings: 6/10
            I went to this place with my friends in MN. The food was spectacular..advantage being we can customize the noodles. In Sterling, we tried tomato bisque and  Thai soup which was reasonable. In the main entree we tried Indonesian peanut saute and Japanese noodles with tofu. The noodles were a bit dry. This place is decent when you want something quick and not expensive. 


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