Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Palak paratha/ Spinach flatbread

  This is my daughter's favorite. I gave her with a little sugar, she really enjoyed the paratha and asked for more.Spinach is a good source of folic acid and is considered to be a rich source of iron as well.


1 bunch of spinach
2 cups of wheat flour
1 cup of water
1 tbsp of milk(room temperature)
2 tbsp of all purpose flour(maida)
1 tsp of ajwain
1 tsp of red chilly powder
1 tsp of cumin powder
oil as required*
salt as required


1.Chop the spinach leaves  and cook them in the non-stick pan. Add red chilly powder and cumin powder and saute them for 5 minutes.
2.In a bowl, add the wheat flour, maida, cooked spinach, ajwain,   milk and salt. Add water to the flour and knead them in to a dough.
3.Set it aside for 30 minutes. Take a lemon-sized dough and roll it in to a small circle. Add 1/4 tsp of oil and fold in to half and fold again to make a triangle. (This makes the paratha fluffy). 
4.Roll the dough again to make it a thin layer.
5.In a preheated pan add the thin layer of dough and add oil to the edges. Turn to the other side add oil again. Roast till the paratha turns golden brown. 
6.Spinach paratha is ready. Serve with yogurt/pickle.
*Use melted butter for additional flavor

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