Friday, September 23, 2011

Black chickpeas curry/ Kaala channa masala

  Goda masala is a  traditional marathi spice that my friend Ashwini shared with me. This is usually available in desi stores and the ingredients are dry coconut, coriander seeds, cumin, sesame,  star anise, cloves, pepper, cinnamon and cardamom.  In this recipe I have used this spice and was pleasantly surprised by the results.


1 cup of black chickpeas 
1 large onion
1 cup of crushed tomatoes can
2  green  chillies
1/2 tsp of red chilly powder
1 tbsp of goda (kaala) powder
1 tsp of cumin powder 
1 inch of ginger
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of chopped coriander leaves
salt as required


3 cloves
1 cinnamon stick 
1 tsp of cumin seeds


1.Soak chickpeas overnight and pressure cook with 2 cups of water and salt till 90% done.
2.Heat butter in the pan and add the seasoning. As the nice aroma comes add the chopped onions, garlic ,green chillies and chopped ginger and saute well till the raw smell disappears. 
3.Now add the crushed tomatoes. Saute well till the oil separates, then add the spices(goda powder, red chilly powder, cumin powder and salt). Cook for 2 minutes. Add the cooked chickpeas and close the lid.
4.Pressure cook for 1 whistle so the spices permeate in to the chickpeas.Then add  coriander leaves and bring it to boil. Serve with rice, roti/ bhatura.

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